Dear Gentlemen of Distinction,

Allow me to introduce you to Junkyard: a modern, upscale facility situated deep in the rugged canyons off Interstate 80, a short drive east of Reno, Nevada.

Built on over 200 privately owned acres, Junkyard’s unique entertainment complex consists of part high-society gentlemen’s club, part luxury resort and spa, and part brothel, specifically designed to accommodate and satisfy men who love men. Fulfill your wildest dreams and your naughtiest, dirtiest fantasies in a safe and private environment, whether you’re looking for a quick “get on and get off” meeting with a stranger, an extended BFE (“boyfriend experience”), or a special encounter with more of an edge.

Spend an hour, an evening, a week, or as long as you wish (or as long as you can afford!) with one or more of our stunning prostitutes, all guaranteed health-certified and wildly eager to please. With a broad range of personality types, physical attributes, and specialized expertise, our stellar group of professional prostitutes is well equipped to satisfy your needs.

With our gorgeous and talented company of men, you can expect to enjoy the sexual encounter of a lifetime—every time. You can engage in straight sex (pardon the pun!), experiment with sex toys, explore a specific kink, or indulge in a situational fantasy using our exciting on-site venues. Whether you desire a simple evening of toe-curling sex or a spine-tingling experience that’s more elaborate, Junkyard offers you a slice of pure heaven in the middle of the hellish Nevada desert.

Junkyard, the first and only legal gay brothel in the great state of Nevada, extends membership privileges by personal invitation and member recommendation only. Be nice to all your male friends, business associates, and casual acquaintances—one of them just might turn out to be an upper-tier Junkyard member in possession of a guest-privilege card.

See you soon, lucky darlings!

Owner & Head Madam,
Junkyard Properties, Inc.

* * * * *

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“StarCrossed” Series Second Editions Now Available

So here’s the deal.

Since we received the last of our epublishing rights back for the StarCrossed series of stories a few months ago, I’ve been working furiously to clean them up. The installments we had already self-published were given a light-to-moderate dusting, whereas the other two books were given a thorough scrubbing, enough that I’d call them rewrites and not mere re-edits. While the stories have not fundamentally changed, they should now be one hell of a lot more pleasant to read.

Here’s a brief rundown of how I tidied each book:

1. StarCrossed 1: Demon Tailz (Short Story, 10,362 words)
I learned a great deal during the year that this short story was other-published (October 2008 – October 2009). I’ve learned a truckload more after we self-published the title upon reacquisition of rights in November 2009. I gave this short story a moderate dusting this time around, mostly to correct some passivity in the prose, to cut down even further on some needless use of epithets in favor of clearer sentence structure, and to eliminate body parts that magically moved on their own.

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Independence Day Weekend & General Updatery

Wow, I’ve been a blogging fool lately! Who knew? 😀

Lots of good stuff happened this past weekend, and I was sorry to see the holiday end.

1. We had Reno’s folks over for the day on Saturday, July 2. I made Beer-Battered Cod (with made-from-scratch batter, not the lazy, cheater packaged stuff) and the most incredible homemade New England Clam Chowdah Chowder in the history of the civilized world. Steamed corn-on-the-cob and a garden salad completed the meal, with (not homemade because I hate baking) Boston Cream Pie (giggling on account of I’m twelve) for dessert.

Oh, and two gallons of sangria with a ton of fresh fruit added (orange slices, whole berries, bite-sized chunks of pear and apple), which we managed to decimate in one day, and all without producing a hangover on the next. Helpful Hint: Drink a tall glass of water between each alcoholic drink, and another glass of water before going to bed to eliminate or at least minimize day-after hangover symptoms, which are mostly a result of dehydration. Take it from an expert.

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Background and Excerpt of Our Forthcoming Historical Novel

Intended for an adult audience.  Click here.



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Gender Bender by Jaye Valentine and Wave (x-post)

I had planned on cross-posting the blog entry I co-wrote with Jessewave on the topic of cross-dressing, which was posted on her blog this past Friday, June 24. However, both WordPress and Blogger are being a royal pain in the ass regarding the images, and since I really don’t have time to screw around with this for any length of time, I’m simply going to cheat. 😀

Here’s the link to the cross-dressing post on Jessewave’s site (which also contains the pretty pictures):

Gender Bender by Jaye Valentine and Wave

If you come back here and comment after reading, you’ll be entered into a random drawing for a PDF copy of your book of choice from the following list of our titles containing a cross-dressing male character. Click on the links for more info on each book.

Soft Focus by Reno MacLeod & Jaye Valentine
Only Words (Max & Skyler 1) by Acer Adamson
Any Excuse (Max & Skyler 2) by Acer Adamson
Happily Ever Before by Jaye Valentine
Firecracker by Jaye Valentine
D.N.A.: Double Helix by Jaye Valentine (warning: twincest)

Drawing will take place on Monday at 9:00 p.m. EDT, July 4, 2011.


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New Month, New Blog

Since many of the websites/blogs that I frequent run under WordPress, I decided I was long overdue in creating one myself. After spending a relatively small number hours putting this one together, I’m impressed enough with the ease of use to consider migrating our official website (MacLeod & Valentine: Not For The Faint Of Heart) to WordPress once our Weebly contract expires in the spring.

Moving forward, this WordPress blog will mirror my Blogspot blog, as well as my LiveJournal and DreamWidth journals. Now, I just have to think of interesting things to say.


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