“StarCrossed” Series Second Editions Now Available

So here’s the deal.

Since we received the last of our epublishing rights back for the StarCrossed series of stories a few months ago, I’ve been working furiously to clean them up. The installments we had already self-published were given a light-to-moderate dusting, whereas the other two books were given a thorough scrubbing, enough that I’d call them rewrites and not mere re-edits. While the stories have not fundamentally changed, they should now be one hell of a lot more pleasant to read.

Here’s a brief rundown of how I tidied each book:

1. StarCrossed 1: Demon Tailz (Short Story, 10,362 words)
I learned a great deal during the year that this short story was other-published (October 2008 – October 2009). I’ve learned a truckload more after we self-published the title upon reacquisition of rights in November 2009. I gave this short story a moderate dusting this time around, mostly to correct some passivity in the prose, to cut down even further on some needless use of epithets in favor of clearer sentence structure, and to eliminate body parts that magically moved on their own.

2. StarCrossed 2: Opposite Ends of the Spectrum (Novella, 21,954 words)
Massive rewrite, the literary equivalent of a Silkwood scrub-down for this book. As I mentioned for the series overall, the story hasn’t fundamentally changed, and there were no deleted or additional scenes. However, I don’t think I left a single sentence untouched, and the now the ebook is formatted like an ebook.

3. StarCrossed 2 1/2: Sangria and Seraphim (Short Story, 5,177 words)
This title needed only a light dusting, some tightening up of point-of-view, and a few tiny tweaks here and there. While admittedly written as porn without plot, we did manage to squeeze some character development in there, and a new character introduced in the story, an angel named Ariel, plays an important role in the forthcoming StarCrossed 5: Panacea.

4. StarCrossed 3: Objects in the Mirror (Novel, 61,316 words)
As with StarCrossed 2, this novel underwent a massive, line-by-line rewrite. No deleted scenes, but I added several scenes by incorporating the short story previously called StarCrossed 3 1/2: Angel Tears. Initially, we thought those chapters slowed down the pace too much, but we received so much email to the contrary that we decided to combine the texts. The reader gleans some important information about the angel Sariel in those chapters, so I’m glad we decided to re-incorporate them into the novel. So, no more StarCrossed 3 1/2, but StarCrossed 3 is now a fatter novel (and lower priced than when it was other-published) as a result.

5. StarCrossed 4: In the Blink of an Eye (Novel, 69,017 words)
An extremely light dusting on this one, nothing major. I performed maybe twenty keystrokes.

“But I already bought these books and I want the new, shiny versions!”

That’s awesome! Provide me with some form of proof-of-purchase, and I’ll be happy to send you a new copy.

What’s next in the StarCrossed universe?

The next installment, due in April/May 2012, will be novel-length StarCrossed 5: Panacea. The first draft stands at 38,000 words currently, which is roughly the halfway point. We wrote this almost two years ago, so I’ll be doing a thorough revision and edit before we pick up where we left off.

Where can I find the books?

The books finally look like a series instead of a hodgepodge of similarly titled but disconnected stories, with shiny new covers created by my partner in words and life, Reno MacLeod.

These aren’t romance books, never have been. As such, they are no longer available on All Romance Ebooks, but they are on sale at ARe’s general fiction site, OmniLit.com under the “Fiction,” “Fantasy,” and “Horror” categories. The books will not be listed on any romance-only retail sites, and on other sites the categories selected will be similar to those on OmniLit.

As with D.N.A.: Double Helix, the StarCrossed series of short stories, novellas, and novels will not be available on Amazon. Kindle-compatible formats are on sale at OmniLit.com.

The StarCrossed stories are also on sale at Smashwords.com and will be available at Barnes & Noble, Kobobooks, and numerous other third-party retail sites in the coming weeks. However, in order to assure that you are purchasing the newly revised Second Editions just released today, only Smashwords and OmniLit will have those versions until I announce otherwise. If the book doesn’t say “Second Edition” with a 2011 copyright date on the first page, it’s not the new revision.

Click on the book covers below for more information on each, including where they’re available for purchase.

StarCrossed 1: Demon Tailz

StarCrossed 2: Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

StarCrossed 2 1/2: Sangria and Seraphim

StarCrossed 3: Objects in the Mirror

StarCrossed 4: In the Blink of an Eye

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About Jaye Valentine

Along with partner Reno MacLeod, Jaye Valentine resides on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and writes gay erotica, gay erotic romance, and sometimes just plain porn. For news about Jaye and Reno's books, visit http://macleodvalentine.com and follow http://twitter.com/MV_Tailz.
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2 Responses to “StarCrossed” Series Second Editions Now Available

  1. Wave says:

    Hi Jaye
    I read Star Crossed #1 last night and what a delight even though there was that one VERY scary scene which kept me awake. 🙂

    I will be delving into the second book soon and hope it’s just as good or even better.

    PS I love twincest especially between demons. lol.

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